Bermuda Cruising Rally
2009 Event

2009 Event


The 2009 event saw eight boats show up at the starting line, and they had the adventure of a lifetime.  The entire fleet sailed through a gale on the way down to Bermuda, but thanks to good planning, excellent seamanship, and realisitic expectations, everyone came through unscathed, with most boats suffering no damage at all, and the remainder experiencing only minor breakages.  The fleet ranged from a Freedom 33 to a Swan 56, with a variety of craft in between.

The crew on Avocation put together a photo montage of their experience.  Check it out here:


Photo Montage By Avocation Crew


And here are a few more pictures from the event:
BCR2009GulfstreamBlue.jpg        BCR2009StGeorgesCut.jpg       BCR2009TaniaWithCrew.jpg      BCR2009RainyRallyParty.jpg

                  Gulf Stream Blue!                                                           St. George's Cut                                                      Tania with Crew                                                        Rainy Rally Dock Party

BCR2009Sunset.jpg     BCR20093in5toGo.jpg     BCR2009RallyToRescue.jpg     BCR2009LandHo.jpg

          Beautiful Rally Sunset On The Ocean                             Three Boats in, Five to Go                                       Rally to the Rescue!                                                       Land Ho!

BCR2009AngelinaOwners.jpg     BCR2009AngelinaCrew.jpg     BCRAngelinaAtCustomsDock.jpg     BCR2009PleiadesOwners.jpg

               Angelina's Owners                                                            Angelina's Crew                                                 Angelina at Customs Dock                                             Pleiades' Owners

Rallyers at Bacardi Sponsor Party

                              Rallyer's on the docks of BYS at the Bacardi Party