Bermuda Cruising Rally
2010 Event

2010 Event


The 2010 event was a smashing success.  We had ten boats in the fleet, and we had great weather.  The start saw moderate southwesterlies, which served up a broad reach for the fleet all the way to and around Montauk, and thereafter it was reaching at speed just about the whole way!  Indeed, it was the perfect balance of having a modest blow to gain a good introduction to ocean sailing, but not too much so as to be dangerous or overly stressful.  This wind held up for most of the trip, except for one light day where the fleet got to recharge the batteries and lose some of that excess weight in the form of diesel.  Neptune blessed our fleet by holding the headwinds at bay!  And we even had a favorable Gulf Stream setup, as there was a beautifully placed southeast meander just about on the rumbline for 100 miles or so, which was surrounded by a couple of cold and warm eddies that, with the routing and planning we got from Jenifer & Dane Clark, made for favorable current for the majority of the voyage.  There was plenty of fishing (and fish stories), sunning, and an all out great blast of trip down to Bermuda.  As for the trip back, that's was a touch of a different story, but everyone made it back to their home ports safe and sound, with stories they'll be telling for years to come.  Here are links to two videos we took on Another Miracle, one from the trip down to Bermuda, and one from the trip back (the difference in weather for the two trips ought to be self-evident):

Trip from New York to Bermuda on Another Miracle


Trip from Bermuda to New York on Another Miracle


Avocation Video


One of our participants, Isabelle, created a blog and her owner told her Bermuda rally story here:


The Story of Isabelle


And here are some still shots of the event (enjoy!):


2010RallyersFriday.JPG         2010TwithRallyers.JPG     2010TatSkipBriefing.JPG     2010JClarkBriefing.JPG

Rallyers Gathering on Dock in Greenport                        Tania Talking To Participants                                   Tania at Skipper Briefings                            Jenifer Clark Giving Gulf Stream Briefing



2010GStreamSetup.JPG       2010DClarkWeather.JPG       2010ParticipantBriefing.JPG       2010JudyFood.JPG

               Our Gulf Stream Setup                                       Dane Clark Giving Weather Briefing                                   Rallyers at Briefing                                      JudyFood (Sponsor) at Greenport Party   



2010CapJudywithHank.JPG     2010RepairingRig.JPG     2010FleetLeadersOutGport.JPG     2010Montauk.JPG

  Hank of OPO & Captain Judy of JudyFood        Helping Rallyer Fix a Problem Pre-Departure         The Fleet Heading out of Gardiner's Bay                        Approaching Montauk



2010DGguidingTA.JPG     2010AvocationMontauk.JPG     2010AMatGPort.JPG     2010DailySked.JPG

Dan Giving Tania Directions Around Montauk       Tania/Avocation Off Montauk With a Reef                      Another Miracle in Greenport                                  First Daily Satphone Sked



2010SunsetAtSea.JPG     2010FlyFishVisitor.JPG     2010CapJatHelm.JPG     2010GourmetDinner.JPG

      Beautiful End to Beautiful Day at Sea                                          A Stowaway!!!                                          A Screaming Reach to Bermuda!                   Last Gourmet Meal at Sea Before Arrival



2010AMappToBermuda.JPG     2010QFlag.JPG     2010SpiritOfBermuda.JPG     2010TupToAM.JPG

        Approaching St. George's Harbour                                      Hoisting the Q Flag                                               The Spirit of Bermuda!                                  Avocation Tying to Another Miracle



2010MonaraeOrdnance.JPG     2010FlagsAFlyin.JPG     2010AMandAvocation.JPG     2010InnerHarborWithFleet.JPG

       Monarae Tied Up at Ordnance Island                                       Flags-a-Flyin!                                             Another Miracle & Avocation                                Inner Harbour With Part of Fleet



2010StGDefense.JPG     2010RallyersRaftingQuay.JPG     2010TarongaCrew.JPG     2010TrinAndIsabelle.JPG

St. George's Defenses Against Unruly Rallyers                          Rallyers Tying Up                                         Tarong'a Crew, Just Chillin'                                    Isabelle & Trinity Tying UP



2010AMSportyWeather.JPG     2010CapJCooking.JPG     2010BrilliantSunset.JPG     2010NYCatLast.JPG

       Heavier Weather on the Way Home                  But That Didn't Stop Judy From Cooking                      And We Still Had Great Sunsets                                        NYC in Sight!



2010Home.JPG     2010ChampWithWhiteHorse.JPG

                            Home!                               Champagne in a White Horse Beer Glass  --  Perfect Ending!