Bermuda Cruising Rally
The Clarks


Jenifer & Dane Clark 

Jenifer Clark.  Affectionately known as "The Gulfstream Lady," Jenifer has spent the last four decades studying, analyzing and forecasting the World's Ocean Currents.  After finishing her graduate studies in Oceanography at Johns Hopkins University, she quickly became the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's expert in the Oceanographic Features Analysis of the Gulf Stream.  Her work led to numerous applications that contributed significantly to improved commercial fishing, more efficient marine transportation and commerce, and improvements in navigational safety.

During her career, Jenifer has written more than 100 articles which have appeared in newspapers and various magazines in the field.  The U.S. Coast Guard has consulted her on numerous occasions to aid in search and rescue missions, including the Haitian Boat Lift, the shuttle disaster, and plane crashes in the Gulf Stream.  In the mid-90's after NOAA decided to cease the production of daily Gulfstream charts, she left NOAA and started her own company to continue to serve her clients and users with real-time Gulfstream information.

Jenifer also has continued to serve the oceanographic community with numerous private and public seminars including the National Women's Sailing Association, Ocean Navigator Magazine Seminars and yearly maritime seminars including the Naval Academy's Safety at Sea Seminar.  Her presentations include information on satellite interpretation of oceanographic features, inference of current velocities, and detailed sea surface temperatures.  Her extensive background has enabled her to provide a history of the development of technology associated with Gulf Stream interpretation.

Jenifer, along with her Meteorologist husband Dane Clark, have supported US Sailing Races for almost three decades including, among others, the: "Annapolis to Bermuda," "Newport to Bermuda," and the "Marion to Bermuda" Yacht Races.  In 2006, Jenifer and Dane provided special support to over 120 Racers in the 100th year anniversary of the Newport to Bermuda Sailboat Race.

Steve Black, founder of the Cruising Rally Association, was quoted in Soundings Magazine as saying:  "We used her analysis for all the events and it was invaluable.  I think she is probably the best in the world at it."

You may have seen Jenifer recently, as she was featured in the PBS film "Racing to Bermuda" which aired in the spring of 2006.


Dane Clark.  A professional Meteorologist for 35 years, Dane has a Masters Degree in Meteorology and an MBA Degree.  During his 30 year federal government career with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), he worked as:  a Hurricane Researcher logging several hundred hours in Hurricane Hunter Reconnaissance Missions, including work on "Project Stormfury" and the penetration of several Hurricanes, a Tropical Storm analysis and forecaster in the US Air Force, and a mid-level manger in NOAA overseeing a 10M budget and 150 people in NOAA's Satellite Service.

In 1992, Dane participated in data analysis (winds, rain, storm surge) with Gilbert Clark (retired NHC Hurricane Specialist) supporting litigation for an insurance claim in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.  He also provided expert meteorological testimony and deposition for the Norwegian Dawn litigation from 2005.  He also has participated in the post-analysis of marine disaster cases for the Bermuda Ocean Race Committee and the Cruising Club of America, during which Dane developed special charts detailing the weather and ocean conditions experienced by the vessel in question.

In the past 15 years, Dane has provided thousands of real-time weather forecasts and routing information for many classes of marine vessels, including rowers, yachts, and larger ships including Cruise Lines.  He also has supported US Sailing races for almost three decades including, among others, the:  "Annapolis to Bermuda," "Newport to Bermuda," and "Marion to Bermuda" Yacht Races.  In 2006, Jenifer and Dane provided special support to over 120 Racers in the 100th year anniversary of the Newport to Bermuda Sailboat Race.

Dane recently developed a "Gulfstream Hazard Scale," similar to the tornado and hurricane scales, to help mariners understand the extreme navigation danger of large square waves caused by severe weather conditions in and around the Gulfstream.  Dane currently is working with the National Weather Service to introduce a new marine warning product designed to save property and lives during high wave events.