Bermuda Cruising Rally
Tania Aebi




Perhaps the most well-known sailing personality among cruisers today, Tania burst onto the cruising scene in 1985 by becoming the first and youngest woman to solo circumnavigate at the tender age of 18.  She mesmerized sailors and landlubbers alike with her debut book "Maiden Voyage," which has become required reading for all who dream of cutting the lines and easing the sheets.  Since then she hardly has rested on her laurels, as she's raised a family, led numerous sailors on charter flotillas, published many articles in various publications, authored another book ("I've Been Around"), and is a regular contributor and columnist for Latitudes & Attitudes magazine.  Most recently, Tania re-traced part of her first circumnavigation with her boys, sharing with them the wonders of seeing the world from the deck of a sailboat.  Read about that adventure at

There are precious few people on the planet who know more than Tania about the practical aspects of sailing across an ocean to a small island, and we are beyond fortunate to have her on our rally team.  Tania will lead the pre-departure routine in New York, sail to Bermuda with the fleet, and party with the group once we arrive!